Chapter 1: An Overview

All praises and thanks be to Allah, the creator of mankind, jinns and all that exists. The greatest thing that God had offered humanity is that He provided them messengers chosen from among the best of their kind.

He disclosed and conferred upon man the Revelation to guide everyone towards the truth, the straight path, as well as to warn and deliver people from falsehood and evil, such that they would seek alone His pleasure and satisfaction in pursuit of Paradise. Since time immemorial, Allah sent prophets after prophets, messages after messages – dating from Noah to Abraham, Moses, Jesus (‘alayhimus salaam) and culminating with the seal of them all, Muhammad (ï·º), who came to confirm not only the previous messengers but especially that of the universal message which calls people to worship the Creator alone.

The authentic biography of the noble prophet Muhammad (ï·º) is distinctly clear, realistic and complete, in fact, fundamentally transparent. It is so explicitly chronicled that every minute detail of his life is commented upon to such an extent that after reading it, one seems to entertain the idea of having met and lived with the Prophet himself. Likewise, it is so thoroughly dynamic that almost every available aspect of human life possible has been covered.

Most of all, it is so veritably recounted that every human being from all walks of life can relate and identify with it. His sorrows and joys, successes and failures are so real, inspiring and uplifting that they find semblance in our very own lives, too. Through it all, we can see his relationship with God, his dealings with his fellow men, his own private and personal life – as a husband, father, brother, friend, neighbour, leader, etc. In whichever aspect of his life, he was every inch the epitome of a complete human model or example, a distinction which can be concluded from his entire life story and one that is definitely resolved, bolstered and galvanized by the Revelation of God itself.

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